About Us

For many years New Zealand has been a favoured destination for South Africans. The reasons are simple. Both countries are international rugby playing powerhouses, which means the history between us goes back a long way.

We also drive on the same side of the road, alongside other former Commonwealth countries which are also popular immigration destinations.

And we speak and understand English, so communication is easy.

But the similarities sometimes end there. New Zealand is not South Africa. It is a very small, very sophisticated liberal country at the bottom of the South Pacific.

Melissa Moore came to New Zealand in 2008 and developed a Facebook group which has become a life’s work. It is the largest and most well used group for potential immigrants to New Zealand.

There are a plethora of web sites and social media groups/pages dealing with immigration to New Zealand. But up until now, there has been nothing that pulled all the threads of the process together into one place. Many of the sites and pages are run by businesses who use them to drive their own and associated services. This one does not, and our approach has been as objective as we can make it.

We have tried to draw together most of the services which will be needed by immigrants. We do not endorse any of the advertisers, but neither will we allow companies to advertise if they have a suspect track record. We cannot feature everyone we want to, but we have enough of a spectrum to make your life, the prospective immigrant, easier.

This is also a website for agencies of all kinds who want to connect with the over 54 000 people we have active on our Facebook group. You are welcome to contact us via email and will can see how we can assist

We are acutely aware that it is an offence to give immigration advice, so have steered clear of this, instead relying on links for you to do your own research.

We are happy to take feedback on any of the services or topics which we cover. Our email address is melissa@lekkerlifenewzealand.co.nz

This website is just the start of a journey for us and will become your home page with everything you personally need, to build your Lekker Life in New Zealand.

We hope you enjoy what we have offered

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