About Me

Hi, I’m Melissa Moore

There are hundreds of websites that help you in your move from South Africa to New Zealand. But lots are specific to certain immigration agencies, recruiters, travel agencies or even just blog sites. Mine is different!

I have lived in New Zealand for over 10 years and am the founder of the largest Facebook group for potential migrants to New Zealand. South Africans Living/Wanting to live in New Zealand is the largest and most popular of the Facebook groups, and is the ONLY official group (lots of people try to imitate it and that’s quite flattering).

I came over to New Zealand the hard way, no agents, a job offer for Martin, my husband, my daughter Jade and I was pregnant with my son Kyle. And boy we did it tough. Information was scarce and spread all over, as it still is. Read my blog section to get a feel of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I set up the Facebook group in 2008 with the intention of connecting with other South Africans and now it’s become my life’s work. It is now a massive resource for South Africans, or Saffas as we call ourselves, with 50 000 members and growing by nearly 300 members a week. There are over 1500 posts a week, making it the most active group in New Zealand.

Because the information is so difficult to find, I decided that Saffas needed the information as much as possible but in one place, and so my team of Saffas, developers and I have brought together the best of the service providers; lots of links to official immigration web pages; together with a ton of information about Aotearoa, our beautiful Land of the Long White Cloud down here in the South Pacific. Because this site is so information rich, open the links on separate pages.

Please enjoy the website and contribute on our Facebook group. I wish you and your family a Lekker Life. Kia ora koutou katoa. Welcome to our special country.

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