Calculate how much space you need

Use the below calculator to detetmine how much space you will ned for moving trucks and/or storage of all your household items.

Cost of Renting

You will be paying 5-6 weeks rent in advance. Generally 4 weeks bond plus 2 weeks deposit. Check the MBIE page for your rights to rent, fixed term versus periodic rentals, rights to a healthy (dry, warm) home, maintenance and inspection, wastewater costs and lots of other information. Bookmark the page.

The cost of rental varies a lot. Remember the rule – if you pay $100 too much you have up to 10% less salary to spend.

We have given some current examples for a 3 bedroom house:

Auckland – Browns Bay $620, Bucklands Beach $560, Pukekohe $520

Other North Island – Wellington Tawa $560, Gisborne $380, Tauranga $550, Hamilton North $500.

South Island – Nelson $480, Christchurch $500, North Dunedin $400, Invercargill $350 and Queenstown an eyewatering $740

You should also compare using sites like TradeMe where you can differentiate house sizes, apartments, lifestyle bocks (plots in SA) and even flatting or sharing, which is very popular with students and single people

Insurance and Other Costs

It is not necessary to use a broker for household or short term insurance. The main insurance players, AA, AIM, Tower and State are all competitive. You can also compare short term insurance for cars and household contents. Check if you need insurance for possible accidental damage to the rental such as carpets. Sometimes the landlords insurance covers this and sometimes it doesn’t.

There is no need to pay deposits for power or telephones as in SA. You can easily determine the best power company to use in the area by using online comparisons. Some companies offer “freebies” for bundled power, internet and gas. But remember, even in New Zealand, if it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true.

Internet is moving rapidly to fibre throughout the country, but some homes are still on copper wire. With internet service providers, check which ones are recommended in your area. There are a multitude of them, and again, just compare costs

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